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While you’re on holiday, you want to enjoy yourself. A different environment to enjoy nature, in spacious and peaceful surroundings together with delicious food. You want to be spoiled while on holiday. At Haus 26, hospitality is our middle name and we offer everything possible for you to get the best out of your holiday. Please come and feel at home with us!

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Beautiful surroundings

Haus 26 is located in the small, but lively, village of Weissbriach in the Gitschtal valley. From Weissbriach you can drive to the mountain lakes Weissensee and Presseggersee, beautiful in all seasons. The valley is surrounded by scenic forested mountains, some steep and some not so steep. It’s certainly possible to enjoy nature here!


The area is perfect for all kinds of activities throughout all seasons. Skiing, cross-country skiing, skating, hiking for all levels, mountain biking, rafting, swimming, canyoning, and short and long trips for the active holiday. Of course complete relaxation is possible too.

Our kitchen

At Haus 26 we love good and tasty food. We’ll do everything to satisfy your appetite, both with our breakfasts and our optional dinner. We use 100% plant-based food, so no animal based ingredients or products. This certainly does not mean that you will be deprived, on the contrary, be surprised by the versatile plant-based kitchen!

Plant-based cuisine:
why we do this and what can you expect?


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