What can you experience in and around Haus 26?


Skiing and snowboarding

Of course you can ski with us! There is a small ski area in Weissbriach itself that is very suitable for the novice skier and boarder. The ski area of ​​Nassfeld is 20 minutes away with 110 kilometers of slopes, in Austria and Italy, 30 lifts and 25 ski runs, cabins and restaurants. Carinthia has a number of other small ski areas, nice for a day trip for example, such as at The Weissensee, Kötschach-Mauthen and at the Three-Country Point. Bastiaan will gladly take you into the area for a day or half a day. This way you don't have to study the ski map yourself and you can cover a lot of ski meters in one day. *extra costs associated with guidance. Skiing is at your own risk.


Skating on the Weissensee and Presseggersee! These lakes will freeze over completely in the winter, so a guarantee of ice pleasure! The Alternative 11-City Tour (a famous event in the Netherlands, that is copied to Austria, due to lack of ice) is organized every year in January on Lake Weissensee, a great event for skating enthusiasts. Skating on a mountain lake is a wonderful experience.

Other activities Winter

Other winter sports possible in the Weissbriach area: - Winter hiking - Snowshoeing - Cross country skiing - Tour skiing


Walking and mountain hiking

The Weissbriach area is perfect for hiking. Walk down the street from Haus 26 and the hiking trails take you into the woods, up the mountains and down through the beautiful valley. Hiking trails are well maintained in Austria and clearly marked with yellow signs. We have hiking maps available to help prepare your walk. There are also a number of gorges for hiking in the area such as Garnitzenklamm (link: and the Mauthener Klamm and a short drive away for the Raggaschlucht.


The summers can be quite hot here. It’s not without reason “the sunny side of the Alps”. You can cool off in the mountain lakes, such as the Weissensee and Presseggersee and a little further the Millstattersee and Ossiachersee. There are several (paid) beach pools on the lakes and some public beaches. A large part of the lakes consists of private beaches.

Cycling and mountain biking

Whether you like adventurous and rugged mountain biking or quiet cycling through beautiful surroundings, it’s all possible. There are both normal and electric bikes and mountain bikes available at the various rental stations. We can arrange this for you in advance if you wish. In Nassfeld you can also take your mountain bike in the Millennium Express lift and then cycle down the ski slopes!!

Other activities in the summer

In addition to walking, cycling and swimming, you can also play golf, or go kayaking, rafting and paragliding in the area. Look at the site of Nassfeld for an overview of All summer activities in the area: Nassfeld. Do you want to make a day trip in the area? Then look here Area.


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