Our kitchen

Plantbased deliciousness. Conscious, culinary and delicious food.

Good food, good for the environment and for yourself.
100% plant-based kitchen.

Pampering our guests is paramount, but we do so with an eye for the environment. How? Among other things by sourcing our electricity from hydropower, offering vegan soaps in our rooms and cooking completely plant-based.

There are various reasons for choosing vegan food. Whether you want to eat less meat now and then or eat completely vegan, whether you do it for your health, the environment or for the animals, you are always welcome to learn more about the vegan kitchen or just enjoy our meals.

Our offer
We offer our rooms including a vegan breakfast. A fully-fledged morning meal with lots of variety, including a lot of home made products.

In addition, you can dine with us most evenings during the week. We serve a plant-based menu of at least 3 courses and with a good glass of wine if you so wish.

On request we can also arrange a vegan lunch package for you. Great if you are going for a long walk and do not know if you will come across a place to eat! We ensure that you are well cared for on the road!

Why the plant-based kitchen?

Less CO2 emissions

Livestock produces a considerable CO2 emission, more than the entire transport sector combined!

Less water consumption

The livestock industry uses a lot of water and also pollutes the groundwater. No less than 15,000 litres are needed for 1 kilo of beef.

better use of agricultural land

At least 70% of all agricultural land goes to the livestock industry. This mainly concerns soy and corn production for animal feed. A large part of this happens in South America, at the expense of the Amazon.

It is not possible

With the growing world population and the rising level of welfare we need 3 planets to be able to continue eating in the same way as we do now.

For your health

Not eating animal products is good for your health. It has been shown that it is good for your blood pressure and can even reverse diabetes. We feel fitter and more energetic since eating plant-based food.

For animal welfare

Most animals that are kept for consumption live in miserable conditions in the bio-industry. Organic animal farming is only a small percentage of the total number of animals kept for consumption.

If you do not eat meat for 1 day

You will save as much water as 1 month of not taking a shower and an average of 1740 grams of CO2 (comparable to about 200 km's by car).

The vegan kitchen

Surprisingly tasty and versatile. We don't just eat lettuce. We actually eat everything we want, but without the animal products.

Enjoy your meal!

Do you want to know more?

We have a number of viewing tips for you, documentaries with a lot of information that shed light on the different perspectives (environment, health, livestock industry). Many can be viewed via the Internet or Netflix: Game Changers (now available on Netflix!) Cowspiracy: The sustainability secret Forks over knives Food Inc. Racing Extinction Before the flood What the health Okja


Do you still have questions after reading? Please contact us.